leadership and executive coaching
"No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it."
- Albert Einstein


I bring an Ontological and Somatic approach to coaching that addresses not only the issue but the person behind the issue.

The basic premise underlying my approach is – ‘Who we are’ drives how we act in the world. ‘Who we are’ shows up in our body, emotions, assumptions and beliefs. By exploring these facets, we create possibilities for new action.

For example, when I believe I cannot learn a new language, I close the door to any effort towards learning a new language. However, if I replace this assumption with: I need help to learn a new language, it prompts a different action.

Ontological and Somatic coaching seek to discern the fundamental ways in which our ‘way of being’ hinders effective action.┬áIt encourages the exploration of assumptions and interpretations, the emotions in which these interpretations are held and the somatic tendencies that arise to support them.

Outcomes of coaching include enhanced confidence at work, improved relationships and resilience in making transitions (transfers, promotions, new assignments).

  1. Coaching rests on the belief that people are creative, resourceful and whole and have a remarkable ability to learn and embrace change.
  2. Learning is not only about having knowledge, it is about having the confidence to take action in culturally diverse and changing situations.
  3. The commitment in coaching is not only to create awareness it is also to bring about successful outcomes.

  • We listen and ask powerful questions.
  • We re-sound and reflect without judgment.
  • We bring awareness to self and to situations.
  • We create a space of trust for learning and taking action.
  • We work with body, emotions and language to create new actions.