leadership and executive coaching
"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others."
- Bill Gates


My services include Executive Coaching, Working with Teams and Mentor Coaching.

Executive Coaching is a means to enhance self awareness, improve interactions with others, manage challenging situations and gain perspective. In the coaching interaction clients identify their goals and discover what they really care about. Together we formulate actions and practices that enable you to be your best self. A 360 review or an individual assessment of strengths is sometimes used to enhance the information base for developing action plans.

With teams, real work issues and client concerns are the center around which tools and techniques of innovation and interpersonal skills are presented. Actual research on teams provides the foundation for this work. Intact and interdependent groups often discover new ways of relating and working with each other.

Mentor coaching provides an opportunity to hone your skills as a coach and is most useful for new or experienced coaches who desire to go from good to great. Part of my offer is to give feedback based on actual coaching sessions and enhance understanding of your ontology e.g. what is it about assumptions or interpretation, emotions and body that holds you back from your best performance.

Unprecedented complexity in work environments has led to the evolution of professional coaching as a mainstream activity for major companies. In a 2004 survey by Right Management Consultants (Philadelphia), 86% of companies said they use executive coaching to sharpen the skills of individuals who have been identified as future corporate leaders.

Executive Coaching is a means to enhance self awareness, improve interactions with others, manage challenging situations and gain perspective.

Clients reach out for one-on-one coaching to build executive presence, enhance leadership capabilities, bring work life balance and manage transitions.

Engagements range from six months to one year. Depending on the duration and scope of the assignment, 360 reviews or individual assessments are included in the engagement.

The best outcomes occur when the client is self aware, open to new points of view, and willing to take action in support of his/her goals.

This service provides teams an opportunity to build skills for more effective teamwork and an opportunity to work on real problems in a creative way. It is often offered as a two-to-three day group facilitation for intact, diverse, cross-cultural or functional teams. Group/individual coaching may be included to reinforce skills for effective teamwork.

Based on actual research with teams (Synectics), team members learn to solve problems  and build a climate of mutual support and trust. The facilitation emphasizes learning by doing; a good part of the time is devoted to working on real work issues.

Outcomes of team facilitation include:

  • Enhanced communication and improved work group climate
  • Jump starts team building within new and established groups or start-up environments
  • Bridges cross-cultural issues
  • Creates awareness of individual and organizational potential for innovative thinking

This is an opportunity to explore what holds you back from being a great coach. Through asking powerful questions, active listening, somatic integration and awareness of the BEL Model (Body Emotions Language), I work with my clients to improve their coaching skills and discover their capacity to step into excellence

In addition to one on one coaching, clients receive information on how to apply for ICF accreditation, ideas for resources and venues to build coaching hours, and continued development opportunities.

Clients include new and experienced coaches who are seeking to take their coaching to a different level. Offered as a six to twelve session engagement, this module often includes observation of and feedback on actual coaching sessions.